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The world isn't ready for what is coming!!! Skid, Slam, Bling, and the rest of their biker gang are on the loose and are OUT OF CONTROL!!! SO OUT OF CONTROL THEY CAN'T KEEP ON THEIR BIKES!!!!!!!!! They travel across many lands, smashing their faces onto the ground with such force that they PROPEL FURTHER!!! The only thing that can stop them is nature itself (and broken glass, but you know...)!!!!!!

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  • Snickerdoodle count implemented
  • Golden bike and Vault Level unlocks when you unlock bling
  • Flame skid/bike unlocks when you purchase 200 or more FPC
  • Purchase option no longer appears for Level unlock requirements
  • Bike no longer bounces in the beginning
  • Bibble is visible in Heaven stage
  • Objects spawning after death
  • Can't fall past the floor
  • Correct obstacles appear in the Medieval stage

Known bugs:

  • Credits button doesn't work
  • Bling activation timer resets when you return to main menu



  • Update IAP user interface
  • Add free FPC option
  • Add Title Text
  • Add timed bling activation
  • Add pricing for getting characters
  • Add level unlock goals
  • Add death count for level unlocks
  • BGM slider in settings works
  • Obstacle updates

Known bugs:

  • Snickerdoodle count not implemented
  • Golden bike doesn't unlock when you unlock bling
  • Flame skid/flame bike doesn't unlock when you purchase 200 FPC
  • Credit button doesn't work
  • Purchase option appears for Level unlock requirements

Made by DZ9Power

[Original idea]Ryan Moninghoff - 2D artist

Stephen Mitchell - Project Lead, 2D artist

Amarise Knapick - Lead Programmer

Cindy Sandoval - Music, 2D artist

Questions, comments, concerns:

email: amarise.knapick@dz9power.com

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Published2 years ago
StatusIn development
Player countSingleplayer

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