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Best played with headphones!

You play as Adam who was a test subject in a lab many years ago. Upon finding something he was not supposed to, he was put to sleep in a cryo tank. Many years later, the experiments are shut down for an unknown reason that caused the world to go into ruin. Adam awakes and has no where to go but his only option is to get out, but he isn't alone...


  • WASD/directional keys - movement
  • Shift - run
  • ESC-pause
  • Q - interact with objects
  • Space - turn on/off lamp

Alpha Build 1.1

Contains content up to going up the stairs

Edited Content

  • Changed hint popups
  • Modified lamp texture
  • Added more enemies in testing room
  • Edited volume on certain SFX
  • Added elevator door

Fixed Bugs

  • Pause menu freezing
  • Sanity meter won't decrease when enemies come into contact
  • Lamp gauge won't refuel at certain times
  • Can reactivate "activate generator" mission.

Developed by Illuminate Studios at the Art Institute of Houston-North in a time frame of 11 weeks (including concept time). If you enjoyed the game, please support us!

Currently still in development.

If you have any helpful feedback please send an email to:



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Julio Lopez- Team Lead, 3D models, texture unwraps, concept artist(www.lopez3d.com)

Darrin Taylor- Lead texture artist

Arlen Acosta- Lead sound design, 3D models, concept artist

Amarise Knapick- Lead Programmer, 3D models, level designer(www.programarise.com)