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You are an assassin hired by Death to "accidentally" kill people because scientists have figured out how to cure death. You may use any method you would like to carry out your tasks because Death granted you with Invincibility!

Created for the Unreal Engine 4 September Game Jam!

The theme was "Live Deathless"

Move around by clicking and interact with objects by clicking.

Created by:

Amarise Knapick - Programmer

Stephen Mitchell - Animator/Character modeler

Ryan Moninghoff - 3D Modeler/Texture artist

Keith Marchell - Level Designer/3D Modeler

Bugs/Side Notes:

There is no death animation and unable to kill anyone at the moment.

This was the first time I've ever used Unreal Engine 4.


DarkShot_PurAcc.zip 376 MB

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